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Frugal & Free Christmas Presents

Recently, my mum sent me a very interesting article on the effect of Christmas on the environment. I think we are all aware of how much impact Christmas has on the environment. However, we still seem to buy lots of unnecessary bits and pieces for the sake of being festive. If you read the article,…… Continue reading Frugal & Free Christmas Presents

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Invest in yourself.

I watched a good video yesterday that really struck me. It was a Collab between the financial diet channel on YouTube and Anna Akana. I really enjoy both of these channels, particularly Anna’s because she approaches topics like anxiety and depression which I struggle with. I also struggle with spending money, which is how I…… Continue reading Invest in yourself.

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How to move abroad.

A friend of mine from the UK just asked me how to move to Asia. I have been here for almost five years now, and I realised that some things may have changed since I left the UK. However, I gave her the best advice I could. She is not the first person to ask…… Continue reading How to move abroad.