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Fighting the urge to shop!

I read a really good quote somewhere that said if you want to buy something you should spend the day rearranging a room. Actually I think I saw it on Instagram (credit to the savvy Sagittarius). So that’s just what I did as my YouTube has been inundated with”Fall decorate with me” videos and “Halloween…… Continue reading Fighting the urge to shop!

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Why make people feel bad?

Part of living abroad and coming home is dealing with people who try to make you feel bad. Even if they are scraping the barrell of things to say they will always find a way.   Usually this is because a person who is doing something interesting or different makes them feel uncomfortable about their…… Continue reading Why make people feel bad?

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When you grow up your soul dies.

This is a quote from “The Breakfast Club”. My mum’s favourite movie. As I get older I think it’s true.I let a lot of things go that bother me. I don’t stand up for myself and don’t mouth off as much as I should do. My Nan would be ashamed, she always spoke her mind,…… Continue reading When you grow up your soul dies.