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Last day in Osaka & Kansai

We had a trip last weekend to Osaka, Japan. It was glorious mainly because of the food. Despite the typhoon we still got out to eat quite a lot! Here are some snaps from our last day and our meals. Advertisements

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Eating out in Osaka, Japan

Today was our second day in Japan. We made the most of the restaurants nearby before Typhoon Trami came. We had French Toast at the hotel, KushiKatsu in the”New World” near Osaka Zoo, and a small picnic in Family mart as everything was closing. Here are some pictures of our delicious meals. The restaurant was…… Continue reading Eating out in Osaka, Japan

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Osaka & Tennoji 2018

We are back in Osaka for the long weekend to enjoy some Japanese food and relax. I hope we will be okay during the typhoon that’s coming. Hubby and I seem to have had a lot of experience with typhoons recently. If you’re in Osaka or Japan, stay safe! I hope you enjoy the pictures!…… Continue reading Osaka & Tennoji 2018

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Tai Tong Organic Park, Hong Kong.

Today I visited Tai Tong Organic Park in Hong Kong. It was beautiful and felt like another world, away from the busyness of the city. If you are visiting Hong Kong, I recommend going. There was an animal farm, rides, games, and next door was a water park! Here are some snaps of the place!…… Continue reading Tai Tong Organic Park, Hong Kong.

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Novalash UK review

By popular request, here is my Novlash review! So I had the eyelashes put in three weeks ago. Around the 10th of August. My buddy who is a very excellent beautician helped me to transform my eyes. Btw I had this done in the UK but there is a salon in Hong Kong. Firstly you…… Continue reading Novalash UK review