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The most beautiful Air bnb in England

Hubby and I are booking flights for Christmas in the UK and I am excited to be taking him to the most beautiful Air bnb! It’s located near my family’s place and is where I usually stay when I am home. It is a five minute walk from the seaside and has he most beautiful…… Continue reading The most beautiful Air bnb in England

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The Grand Taiwanese Buffet.

Yesterday, Hubby and I were invited to his Mum’s-cousin’s-house for dinner. We arrived at six, to a grand feast laid on the table and ten hungry Taiwanese relatives waiting to be fed. We sat down to eat, and every time we finished a dish, a new one appeared. It was such a marvel. Grateful, to…… Continue reading The Grand Taiwanese Buffet.

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Sunday Hygge & Starting YouTube again.

This week my creative juices are flowing. I have been doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and reading a fantastic book. I’ve become a lot more focused on my Blog, especially as the weather reached 7 degrees this weekend. We have been holed up burning candles and watching movies in front of the heater. It’s…… Continue reading Sunday Hygge & Starting YouTube again.

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Advice from Oracle and new goals.

This week I was able to meet up with most of my pals who were back home for the holidays. My favourite conversation was with two of my friends in a small tea shop in Colchester. One of the friends also lives in Asia, and visits us occasionally. She was the one who really encouraged…… Continue reading Advice from Oracle and new goals.

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Weekend typhoon Hygge.

Today there is a typhoon, signal number 8 in Hong Kong. We are hiding out in the apartment watching Gossip Girl and drinking tea. How glorious. It is most welcome after the week I’ve had running around working on various things. I hope you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday. I’m enjoying mine for sure! Thanks for…… Continue reading Weekend typhoon Hygge.