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5 Books that changed my life.

I enjoy reading as a form of learning and professional development. As a blogger, I think it’s important to keep up date with reading, as the literature on media and blogging becomes richer. If you are thinking of starting a blog, or interesting in creating a business, it’s best to start reading up. The books…… Continue reading 5 Books that changed my life.

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Sunday Hygge & Starting YouTube again.

This week my creative juices are flowing. I have been doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and reading a fantastic book. I’ve become a lot more focused on my Blog, especially as the weather reached 7 degrees this weekend. We have been holed up burning candles and watching movies in front of the heater. It’s…… Continue reading Sunday Hygge & Starting YouTube again.

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Like a Girl Boss

People often ask me how I do so many things, manage to side hustle, work, have a blog, social life, studied abroad, planned a wedding etc. Although this topic has been done to death on Youtube, I am going to give some tips that you may have heard on Youtube and that may or may…… Continue reading Like a Girl Boss

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DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.

  Firstly, you may be thinking what is a hyggekrog? I’ve talked about the Danish word Hygge in my previous posts. This usually means “cosy time” but can extend to self-care, relaxation, down time etc. Hyggekrog refers to a “snug place” (source: Disclaimer: My Hyggekrog is not as suave as the featured image. Sidenote: My…… Continue reading DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.

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Hygge, Hong Kong, Husband.

Last year, I read Helen Russell’s book, “The Year of Living Danishly”. It was a fantastic read, I will go into my new found obsession with Denmark in another post. What I enjoyed reading about was “Hygge” or cosy time that the Danes enjoy in the Winter time. Essentially, people lock themselves away and make…… Continue reading Hygge, Hong Kong, Husband.