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5 Books that changed my life.

I enjoy reading as a form of learning and professional development. As a blogger, I think it’s important to keep up date with reading, as the literature on media and blogging becomes richer. If you are thinking of starting a blog, or interesting in creating a business, it’s best to start reading up. The books… Continue reading 5 Books that changed my life.

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Advice from Oracle and new goals.

This week I was able to meet up with most of my pals who were back home for the holidays. My favourite conversation was with two of my friends in a small tea shop in Colchester. One of the friends also lives in Asia, and visits us occasionally. She was the one who really encouraged… Continue reading Advice from Oracle and new goals.

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UK Alumni Awards.

I recently discovered that the British Council are holding an “Alumni Awards”. The awards are for students who have studied in the UK, and have since gone on to work overseas. There are categories for social awareness, entrepreneurship and contributions to society. You can read about previous winners here.   Previous winners of the award… Continue reading UK Alumni Awards.

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Giving stuff away in Hong Kong.

Today I am un-hauling a lot of stuff (as described by Abundantly Minimal on YouTube). I gave away some crafty stuff this morning and I’m now sorting through some bits to list on Asia Expat. Asia Expat is like Gumtree or Free cycle in the UK. We have a lot of stuff collected for “what… Continue reading Giving stuff away in Hong Kong.

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Getting the ducks in a row.

Since I landed in Hong Kong, my phone has been lit from work, friends and colleagues. My calendar which was blank for three weeks is now full. Looking ahead, we have family meals, mid autumn festival, and my mother in law will visit. So, basically I wanted to get all my ducks in a row… Continue reading Getting the ducks in a row.