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Reality of Living Abroad.

I have written a few posts about living abroad. The thing is, the reality is very different to the fantasy. This week was Father’s Day which got me thinking. If you are very close to your family, as I am, it may be extremely difficult to move away. To be honest there have been times… Continue reading Reality of Living Abroad.

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Enjoying a rainy day. Storm crafts.

The rain continues in Hong Kong today, and the government have issued a Red Rain Signal and Typhoon Signal Number 3. These are moderately serious but most schools are closed and some offices. As we live far out I am officially working from home, but unofficially relaxing. When I was young, my parents coined the… Continue reading Enjoying a rainy day. Storm crafts.

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Hubby can’t stop eating McDonald’s!

As a vegetarian and occasional vegan, I do struggle in Hong Kong with the food choices available. Since I got married, I am determined to maintain my weight and eat pretty healthily throughout the week. When I am working I find it easier to monitor what I eat as I meal prep, usually easy stuff:… Continue reading Hubby can’t stop eating McDonald’s!