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Secret Shifters: Improve your mood.

So I suffer from anxiety. I guess it would be General Anxiety Disorder. I am fortunate that I don’t have panic attacks. Occasionally my anxiety gets so bad it affects my behaviour and I act in an irrational way. When this happens, I use some “secret shifters” to improve my mood. When I read the… Continue reading Secret Shifters: Improve your mood.

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Reality of Living Abroad.

I have written a few posts about living abroad. The thing is, the reality is very different to the fantasy. This week was Father’s Day which got me thinking. If you are very close to your family, as I am, it may be extremely difficult to move away. To be honest there have been times… Continue reading Reality of Living Abroad.

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Hubby can’t stop eating junk!

As a vegetarian and occasional vegan, I do struggle in Hong Kong with the food choices available. Since I got married, I am determined to maintain my weight and eat pretty healthily throughout the week. When I am working I find it easier to monitor what I eat as I meal prep, usually easy stuff:… Continue reading Hubby can’t stop eating junk!

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How to move abroad.

A friend of mine from the UK just asked me how to move to Asia. I have been here for almost five years now, and I realised that some things may have changed since I left the UK. However, I gave her the best advice I could. She is not the first person to ask… Continue reading How to move abroad.

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IRIS ESCAPE Weekend. Wellness, Yoga, Relaxation.

So this past weekend I joined the hundreds of instagrammable women in Hong Kong and attended the IRIS Escape weekend held in Nursery Park, West Kowloon. Feeling intimidated amongst the tanned, size 8 hotties, I tried my best to keep up during the classes we took. My friend had told me about it, she is… Continue reading IRIS ESCAPE Weekend. Wellness, Yoga, Relaxation.

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Watching Handmaid’s tale and Law of Attraction.

This week hubby and I got addicted to The Handmaid’s tale on Netflix. I read the book first, but just discovered the series online. When I say that I am a feminist, I do not think that women should be treated better than men, or that I hate men. I think we need to have… Continue reading Watching Handmaid’s tale and Law of Attraction.