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Eating out in Osaka, Japan

Today was our second day in Japan. We made the most of the restaurants nearby before Typhoon Trami came. We had French Toast at the hotel, KushiKatsu in the”New World” near Osaka Zoo, and a small picnic in Family mart as everything was closing. Here are some pictures of our delicious meals. The restaurant was…… Continue reading Eating out in Osaka, Japan

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Osaka & Tennoji 2018

We are back in Osaka for the long weekend to enjoy some Japanese food and relax. I hope we will be okay during the typhoon that’s coming. Hubby and I seem to have had a lot of experience with typhoons recently. If you’re in Osaka or Japan, stay safe! I hope you enjoy the pictures!…… Continue reading Osaka & Tennoji 2018

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Mid Autumn Festival 2018

Here are some snaps from our Mid Autumn Festival adventure this year. As usual we explored the local park, with our Gudetama lantern and took pictures! I wish you all a Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

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M & C Duck and Peppermint

Today hubby and I went for a date. We tried a new restaurant close to us which he described as “dim sum for hipsters”. The place was called M & C duck. Although they do sell Peking duck there were a few veggie options for me to choose from! After that we went to the…… Continue reading M & C Duck and Peppermint

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The Grand Taiwanese Buffet.

Yesterday, Hubby and I were invited to his Mum’s-cousin’s-house for dinner. We arrived at six, to a grand feast laid on the table and ten hungry Taiwanese relatives waiting to be fed. We sat down to eat, and every time we finished a dish, a new one appeared. It was such a marvel. Grateful, to…… Continue reading The Grand Taiwanese Buffet.

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How to grow your blog organically.

This year I am really focusing on my blog and expanding my audience. However, I would like to do this in an organic way. I do have a small but loyal following. I have friendly followers who leave lovely comments. I have put some of my articles on Reddit but due to unsavoury comments and…… Continue reading How to grow your blog organically.