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Fighting the urge to shop!

I read a really good quote somewhere that said if you want to buy something you should spend the day rearranging a room. Actually I think I saw it on Instagram (credit to the savvy Sagittarius). So that’s just what I did as my YouTube has been inundated with”Fall decorate with me” videos and “Halloween…… Continue reading Fighting the urge to shop!

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Novalash UK review

By popular request, here is my Novlash review! So I had the eyelashes put in three weeks ago. Around the 10th of August. My buddy who is a very excellent beautician helped me to transform my eyes. Btw I had this done in the UK but there is a salon in Hong Kong. Firstly you…… Continue reading Novalash UK review

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Seeking employment in Asia

Many people come to Asia for travel, work or study. Some people, like me, extend their stay for longer than they anticipated. Other people come for work, or their partner’s work. Where I live, in Hong Kong, many people come to work in the banking industry, or are transferred from places such as Singapore or…… Continue reading Seeking employment in Asia