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Rainy Day Hygge in Hong Kong.

Today was another rainy day, marking the end of a rainy week. We had a little adventure in Tseung Kwan O, as I wanted to see an illustration exhibition that had popped up. We walked around and the mall was super crowded. At least ten different tour groups were milling about. We tried for an… Continue reading Rainy Day Hygge in Hong Kong.

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“Your Name” Illustration Roadshow Hong Kong

This weekend there is an illustration fair in Tseung Kwan O, Popcorn Mall. The exhibition features illustrations from the movie “Your Name”, which I love. At the exhibition, you can also buy prints and merchandise featuring the art and sketches from the movie. Below are some of my favourite images from the roadshow.    … Continue reading “Your Name” Illustration Roadshow Hong Kong

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Madam S’ate Drinks and Dinner.

Delicious drinks and dinner last night, marked the start of the weekend and the end of a busy week. Colleagues and I toasted the end of a big project. We headed to Madam S’ate a bar in Civic Square, Elements. I had not been before but tagged along in search of cider. We ordered fish… Continue reading Madam S’ate Drinks and Dinner.

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Book Review: The Million Dollar Blog.

Hubby bought me this book as a half-joke and to encourage me to write more amusing blog posts for him to laugh at. The book is called “The Million Dollar Blog” by Natasha Courtenay Smith. At the moment, Hubby is my biggest supporter and usually the sole source of traffic on my blog. If you… Continue reading Book Review: The Million Dollar Blog.

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DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.

Firstly, you may be thinking what is a hyggekrog? I’ve talked about the Danish word Hygge in my previous posts. This usually means “cosy time” but can extend to self-care, relaxation, down time etc. Hyggekrog refers to a “snug place” (source: Sidenote: My husband will no doubt see this Danish vocabulary and see the word… Continue reading DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.