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Fighting the urge to shop!

I read a really good quote somewhere that said if you want to buy something you should spend the day rearranging a room. Actually I think I saw it on Instagram (credit to the savvy Sagittarius). So that’s just what I did as my YouTube has been inundated with”Fall decorate with me” videos and “Halloween… Continue reading Fighting the urge to shop!

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Working on 2018 goals.

I was inspired to keep working on my 2018 goals by watching a video by Rachelleea on YouTube. She explained how she was continuing to work on her yearly goals and how she wanted to wrap everything up before the end of the year. I really liked this idea as there are a few things… Continue reading Working on 2018 goals.

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Fall Anti-haul 2017.

I recently started watching a really nice channel on Youtube, called “Abundantly Minimal”. It’s run by a lady Sarah, and her husband, who document their minimalism journal, as well as their vegan and frugal lifestyle. You can check them out here.   So Sarah documents “unhauling” items that she no longer needs. She states that… Continue reading Fall Anti-haul 2017.

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Disappointing “The Standard” kindergarten fair.

So yesterday I attended the Standard’s Kindergarten fair in Hong Kong. I’m not having a baby or anything but there was a talk about bilingual children that I really wanted to listen to. We plan to raise our future children as bilingual so for that reason I was really interested in going. I had registered… Continue reading Disappointing “The Standard” kindergarten fair.

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How to learn a second language.

In this blog I talk about my experiences of learning languages. I speak English well, Cantonese fairly well and French and Japanese. If you study languages, you may be away of terms such as “Native Speaker”, L1, L2, bilingual etc. Although my first language is English, I would class my second language as Cantonese. Yet,… Continue reading How to learn a second language.