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My new Minimalist Obsession

    Simple Life, Happy Wife. I have found an AMAZING new minimalist Youtube channel. The channel is called “The Messy Minimalist”. She has an amazing house and runs an Inn too! I find it so satisfying as she has SO MUCH STUFF. Self admitted hoarder and “Messy Minimalist” Rachel, takes us through her journey… Continue reading My new Minimalist Obsession

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Sunday Morning Hygge.

I just got back from a run and am feeling good! The weather is somewhere between a storm and a sunny day so I went out early to avoid being blown away. I have decided to have a cosy day, (finally) lit my Bath & Body works candle from my lovely sister in law, and… Continue reading Sunday Morning Hygge.

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Secret Shifters: Improve your mood.

So I suffer from anxiety. I guess it would be General Anxiety Disorder. I am fortunate that I don’t have panic attacks. Occasionally my anxiety gets so bad it affects my behaviour and I act in an irrational way. When this happens, I use some “secret shifters” to improve my mood. When I read the… Continue reading Secret Shifters: Improve your mood.

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DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.

  Firstly, you may be thinking what is a hyggekrog? I’ve talked about the Danish word Hygge in my previous posts. This usually means “cosy time” but can extend to self-care, relaxation, down time etc. Hyggekrog refers to a “snug place” (source: Disclaimer: My Hyggekrog is not as suave as the featured image. Sidenote: My… Continue reading DIY a Hyggekrog in your apartment.

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Lagom. Not too little, not too much.

I recently heard the word Lagom floating around Instagram. I decided to explore. I found that it means “not too little, not too much”. Roughly translated from Swedish. It is the idea of living within your means. As someone who suffers with anxiety, I have rituals about spending and saving money, which gives me reassurance.… Continue reading Lagom. Not too little, not too much.