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International marriage.

A lot of people in the blogging and vlogging world have talked about international marriage. It is not doubt just as difficult as any other marriage and I certainly don’t claim that it is more difficult! However, there are some things that you need to discuss and figure out before you enter into an international… Continue reading International marriage.

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Reality of Living Abroad.

I have written a few posts about living abroad. The thing is, the reality is very different to the fantasy. This week was Father’s Day which got me thinking. If you are very close to your family, as I am, it may be extremely difficult to move away. To be honest there have been times… Continue reading Reality of Living Abroad.

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How to learn a second language.

In this blog I talk about my experiences of learning languages. I speak English well, Cantonese fairly well and French and Japanese. If you study languages, you may be away of terms such as “Native Speaker”, L1, L2, bilingual etc. Although my first language is English, I would class my second language as Cantonese. Yet,… Continue reading How to learn a second language.

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Book Review: The Million Dollar Blog.

Hubby bought me this book as a half-joke and to encourage me to write more amusing blog posts for him to laugh at. The book is called “The Million Dollar Blog” by Natasha Courtenay Smith. At the moment, Hubby is my biggest supporter and usually the sole source of traffic on my blog. If you… Continue reading Book Review: The Million Dollar Blog.

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Study in Britain or study in Asia?

When I lived in Britain, studying for my undergraduate degree in London, I found that I had a lot of help. I had help from my family, my classmates, my friends, flatmates and even professors. I graduated and when asking for references for jobs my lecturers gladly obliged. My university provided housing, careers advice, counselling,… Continue reading Study in Britain or study in Asia?

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How to move abroad.

A friend of mine from the UK just asked me how to move to Asia. I have been here for almost five years now, and I realised that some things may have changed since I left the UK. However, I gave her the best advice I could. She is not the first person to ask… Continue reading How to move abroad.