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How to grow your blog organically.

This year I am really focusing on my blog and expanding my audience. However, I would like to do this in an organic way. I do have a small but loyal following. I have friendly followers who leave lovely comments. I have put some of my articles on Reddit but due to unsavoury comments and… Continue reading How to grow your blog organically.

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What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 & My Failure Resume

So I just finished reading a book by Tina Steelig, a famous Stanford Professor. It’s called “ What I wish I knew when I was 20“. It’s about entrepreneurship, taking risks, and discuss examples of many successful business models from well-known entrepreneurs. A friend lent it to me, as I mentioned my blog, as well as… Continue reading What I Wish I Knew When I Was 20 & My Failure Resume

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UK Alumni Awards.

I recently discovered that the British Council are holding an “Alumni Awards”. The awards are for students who have studied in the UK, and have since gone on to work overseas. There are categories for social awareness, entrepreneurship and contributions to society. You can read about previous winners here.   Previous winners of the award… Continue reading UK Alumni Awards.

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Things found in a Hong Kong apartment.

So I’ve lived in Hong Kong a while. If you visit someone’s house you may find one or many of these items. Some if not most I have never seen in western homes. 1. Door God Supposed to keep out unwanted guests. Frightening. 2. Shrine If visiting a Buddhist family, you may find a shrine… Continue reading Things found in a Hong Kong apartment.

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JCCAC 2.0 Arts Fair Hong Kong.

Yesterday I went back to JCCAC Handicraft fair for another day out with creative types. I found it bigger and busier than last time. I saw the Really free market again, this time offering free services.  These included, Henna, Chinese poetry, Chinese tea, Leather work and STEM games. I had the Henna done, by far… Continue reading JCCAC 2.0 Arts Fair Hong Kong.

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Scamming creative types.

So recently I was rejected from a publisher because I wasn’t a member of the publishing group and needed to pay for a membership. What? Seems fishy. Decided to leave it. Potential waste of time/ money and doesn’t improve my writing credentials to buy publishing right? My brother, an artist, submitted work for a competition… Continue reading Scamming creative types.