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Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong

This week I lived out my wannabe writer dreams, and submitted a short story to the Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong. The Society publishes an Annual Anthology of works, and I hope I am selected. The deadline is in September, so I am a little early.   However, I’ve been sitting on a memoir… Continue reading Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong

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Why make people feel bad?

Part of living abroad and coming home is dealing with people who try to make you feel bad. Even if they are scraping the barrell of things to say they will always find a way.   Usually this is because a person who is doing something interesting or different makes them feel uncomfortable about their… Continue reading Why make people feel bad?

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Travelling Solo in Hong Kong.

Being Solo in Hong Kong this week, I find that it is a really safe and convenient place to travel. There are a lot of tourists in town this week due to the Anniversary of the Handover ( July 1st). I’ve been eating out on my own, despite nervous sales assistants hesitation to serve me.… Continue reading Travelling Solo in Hong Kong.