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A quick digital declutter

This morning I saw the weather and realised what a good day it was to work from home! There is a big typhoon on the way to Guangdong province. As a result, Hong Kong is amidst a tropical depression as well as an actual depression! Theong awaited typhoon called for some hygge vibes and a… Continue reading A quick digital declutter

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Things I don’t buy.

I’ve changed my spending habits since moving to Hong Kong. I’ve been somewhat influenced by the culture, my childhood and learning more about Minimalism and zero waste. Here are some of the things I don’t buy. 1. Magazines I think that most magazines post their articles online and also the cost of these can add… Continue reading Things I don’t buy.

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Getting rid of 100 things

 I did Yoga this week, from a Yoga with Adrienne video about “Making Space”. After a bad night’s sleep I wanted to make space in my head and stretch out my body. Afterwards I also had the desire to make space in a physical sense.  We both returned home this week probably bringing in about… Continue reading Getting rid of 100 things

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Back to Hong Kong.

I’m back home just like the rest of Hong Kong. Seems like everyone arrived back on the same day. Glad to see hubby and give him the yearly supply of chocolate from my mother. He was very happy!   This morning I am extremely jet lagged, waking up at 3.30am and ended up doing chores/ unpacking… Continue reading Back to Hong Kong.

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No Spend Weekend Ideas

I swear my mum was the OG of the no spend weekend. Anyway, seems like this weekend (and last weekend) I have so much admin to do. Thus, the weekend turned into a no-spend weekend. If you are saving money, studying, on a budget or just following Dave Ramsey, here are some ideas for enjoying… Continue reading No Spend Weekend Ideas