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A quick digital declutter

This morning I saw the weather and realised what a good day it was to work from home! There is a big typhoon on the way to Guangdong province. As a result, Hong Kong is amidst a tropical depression as well as an actual depression! Theong awaited typhoon called for some hygge vibes and a… Continue reading A quick digital declutter

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Monthly workout goals.

I’ve started goal setting at the start of every month and it’s really helping me out. In terms of fitness I’ve started working out again. This month I made a goal to work out four times a week. So far I’ve kept to it. My workouts are mainly short hiit routines followed by walks or… Continue reading Monthly workout goals.

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First Hong Kong Wedding.

This weekend, hubby, my mother in law and I attended a family wedding. I’ve never been to a wedding in Hong Kong apart from my own. This wedding was a traditional Chinese wedding. It was a little intimidating as I didn’t know what to expect. We arrived at the banquet hall, and took photos. There… Continue reading First Hong Kong Wedding.

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Fall bucket list. Fall 2017.

Fall is almost here! Also known as Autumn to my British readers. I made a summer bucket list a couple of months ago. As Mid autumn festival approaches, I have decided to make a fall bucket list. All of the ideas are very cheap or free. Although we don’t get crunchy leaves, sweet smelling cold… Continue reading Fall bucket list. Fall 2017.

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The Novalash Hong Kong experience.

So yesterday I went to the Novalash salon here in Hong Kong. I had major gaps on the left side, which may be down to the way my eyelashes grow. Anyway, I needed them sorting out. I went to the salon in central Hong Kong, located in Central.  I arrived at the salon after work,… Continue reading The Novalash Hong Kong experience.

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Novalash UK review

By popular request, here is my Novlash review! So I had the eyelashes put in three weeks ago. Around the 10th of August. My buddy who is a very excellent beautician helped me to transform my eyes. Btw I had this done in the UK but there is a salon in Hong Kong. Firstly you… Continue reading Novalash UK review