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Vegas on a budget

We recently took a place to Vegas and while it can be a pricey destination for some, we managed to save a little bit by watching what we spent on certain things.


Firstly, a lot of the bigger hotels charge something called a resort fee. This will be added to your bill when you check out. It includes (usually) the use of the pool, gym, wifi, amenities etc. The hotel will ask for a cash deposit when you check in or a credit card. The hotels will also require a security deposit (probably due to the nature of Vegas). So make sure you take pictures when you check in and check out, and report any damages at the time of check in. This may allow you to change rooms or even upgrade. What we also didn’t realise until after we checked out is that you can complain if your room is too noisy and the hotel should offer you a different room. Always ask! We stayed at Harrah’s which was very close to Flamingo hotel, Mirage, Venetian and Treasure Island. It was a basic hotel with a great location. Always check Yelp! before you book.


A lot of the food places are very expensive, so to combat this I brought a lot of snacks with me for the journey, and for our grand canyon tour. This helped stretch our food budget and meant we weren’t paying for a full meal when we were just a little hungry. The cheapest place to buy food on the Vegas Strip is probably CVS. We got about 2 gallons of water for 1.89 USD. However, watch the price of somethings, a box of cut fruit was 5 USD, not worth it!


On that same theme, make sure you bring any toiletries you may need for the trip. I’m all for travelling light, but our hotel provided very basic amenities and some things such as toothpaste cost 6 USD in CVS. Too much! Don’t expect all hotels to have coffee and tea making facilities and if in doubt, call to check.


We ate out a few times, firstly our big splurge was the Bacannal Buffet at Caesars Palace. The Lunch Buffet is cheaper, we paid around 44 USD each plus tax. This kept us full for the whole day so we didn’t need to pay for dinner, which was great! The food selection was wonderful and it is rated as the top buffet in Vegas, It was a great experience! Keep in mind that these places charge more for weekends and evenings because those are the busiest times. For this buffet there is usually a long wait but we went straight in. We visited on a Wednesday around 12.45 pm. This is a good dining option if you only have a day in Vegas and want to experience different kinds of cuisine.


To get to Vegas itself, we took a bus from Los Angeles, with a company called W & H Tours. It took around 4 hours with two or three stops. The company is Chinese run, and the operators speak Mandarin and (some) English. The price was 45 dollars return, per person, so for two people we paid 90 USD. This was a cheaper price than flying and also more time efficient. Plus we got to see all of the Nevada desert!


All in all, Vegas will always be slightly on the expensive side, which is great if you have the budget for it. However, if you don’t bear these simple tips in mind!


If you have visited Vegas and have other tips, please leave them below!


Thanks for reading!




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