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Grand Canyon Tour 2019

During our Vegas Trip, Hubby and I decided to visit the Grand Canyon. I never really thought about visiting, until I told a friend our travel plans and she pointed out how close it would be. We decided to go, and I was keen to feel like I was in Bon Jovi’s music video “Blaze of Glory”.


We went with a tour company called “Gray Line Tours”, as they had very good ratings on Tripadvisor. We paid around 200 USD, the price included return bus trip to the Grand Canyon for two, lunch for two and entry to the Canyon and reservation. We were collected from the Mirage Hotel at around 5.55am. We had to call the company to confirm the booking and arrange a collection point. The bus made a few more hotel pick ups before taking us to Gray Line headquarters, where we checked in and boarded another bus. At the headquarters, someone asked me if I wanted to do the Skywalk, which involved a walk over the grand canyon via a glass bridge. It was a firm no for me. To add this experience costs 25 USD per person.


On the way to the Grand Canyon we passed Boulder City and took a brief stop at the Hoover Dam observation point. We took a lot of photos, although I must say my legs were very wobbly on that trip! We arrived at the Grand Canyon at 11 am. The driver gave us our tickets, which we could also use to redeem the lunch. We were given until 3.15 pm at the Grand Canyon before returning to Vegas. We set of, via shuttle bus to take pictures by Eagle point. A guard in a yellow high – vis jacket was telling people not to get too close. I didn’t need telling twice. We checked out the replicas of sweat lodges and tipis and then took the shuttle to Guana Point.


We are at Guana point as the bus driver had informed us that this was the best option for vegetarians. So I enjoyed a veggie curry and salad and hubby had chicken in corn. When we were eating, some ravens were being naughty and trying to get food from the table next to us. The tickets for lunch are valid at any of the restaurants on the reservation. However, Guana was the busiest and seemed to be the favourite. We went there just before twelve. Our tickets included, main meal, salad, a cookie and a bottle of water. Basically everything you need.


After lunch we explored this area a little more. We noticed that some people were hiking the rock pile at Guana. I decided, being clumsy, that this was not a good option for me. I got really nervous at this part because the path got narrower and people were taking photos very close to the edge. If you are scared of heights be aware of this! Luckily we got some nice snaps, and moved on to the last part of the reservation.


The final part of the reservation area, had no view of the canyon, but imitated an Old Wild West vibe. We saw and patted some lovely horses and then spent the remainder of our time hiding from the sun in a rocking chair on the deck outside the gift shop. It was a great place to people watch and relax after all the “hiking” and adrenaline from the heights (on my part).


I would recommend this tour for anyone visiting America, or even if you live here and just want to be taken along for the ride, without driving or having to plan ahead. It was worth the money, and you got everything done in a day which was great! I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions leave me a comment!


Thanks for reading!


The tour we took


*All opinions are my own, this is not a sponsored post. We paid for this tour, and just sharing my opinion!


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