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Advice from a Wise Friend

It is so easy to compare our lives to our friends’. It’s difficult to remember that everyone has a different timeline. I have friends who are married, divorced, single and mothers. None of them are wrong or right, they are just different.

I met with a friend who is very successful, probably my most successful close friend. She is probably the envy of any woman..she is beautiful, studied at Oxford, has an amazing career and regularly travels. I would feel intimidated if she wasn’t also the nicest person in the entire world!

She told me that she felt concerned about her age and feeling the pressure to settle down. She is heading to a wedding tomorrow and is likely to feel a little unsettled. On the other hand, I told her, she is free, she can put herself first and doesn’t have to consider what a partner wants. I told her to enjoy it!

What ever you want, someone else will have. When you get what you want then you often don’t want it anymore. So try to be content and remember when you really wanted what you have now.

Thanks to my pal for helping me see the light and letting me relish in her can do attitude for a few hours. It was a blessing.

Thanks for reading!


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