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Intentional Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Hello everyone! I was recently binge watching Christmas videos by a Youtuber Gemma Louise Miles who has a fantastic rose blush Christmas tree! Check out here videos here. Anyway, she has a serious of Christmas Gift Guides for various high street shops in the UK. Essentially, she gives really good stocking filler gift ideas, for around the fifteen pound mark.

Gorgeous Gifts in Vive Cafe, Admiralty

This inspired me to compile my own gift guide, following the theme of intentional gift giving from my last post. So, below is an Intentional Gift Guide for Her. I’ve picked items that are hopefully, low impact on the environment and low cost, as well as being things that people will hopefully use every day. I hope you enjoy!

For a Vegan:

My sister is Vegan and I had her in mind when looking at these items. I know she struggles to find Cruelty Free Makeup. She’s obsessed with Jeffree Star, so I’ve included his Holiday collection. I also found a gorgeous brand called Unicorn Snot, who make fun and pretty makeup products.


For an Eco Warrior:

I follow several YouTubers who are zero waste, or at least experimenting with the idea. I discovered the Geo Bin by watching a video by “One Big Happy Life”. It’s great for outdoor composting and can reduce the impact of our waste on the environment.


For a Yoga Lover:

I have to admit, these items are on my Christmas wish list. I’m not sure if I am ambitious enough to use the Yoga Wheel but I adore the Lululemon Yoga Pants. They would come in especially handy after that big Christmas Dinner!


For a Hygge Homebody:

I adore burning candles for a Hyggelig time. It’s hard to source good quality candles, but I discovered these gorgeous Soy Candles that can even be shipped to Hong Kong. For a pamper evening, this Lotion is one of my favourites, from Trader Joes. Finally, a hot drinks machine, such as the Nespresso, is practical and good quality, so it won’t need replacing quickly like other appliances.


For Glam:

Christmas is a time where you can really dress up and get your best Glam on. I personally love these eyelashes, by Fleur de Force. They will go down a treat at any holiday party. To keep skin hydrated during the winter weather, opt for Tatcha’s Luminous Overnight Serum. Finally, my granny’s favourite Luxe perfume, Chance by Chanel, a lovely powdery scent which I adore.


I’ve tried to include consumable/ usable items where possible. Please let me know if you found this useful and leave a comment down below if you have any other gift ideas for Christmas.

Thanks for reading!


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