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Working on 2018 goals.

I was inspired to keep working on my 2018 goals by watching a video by Rachelleea on YouTube.

She explained how she was continuing to work on her yearly goals and how she wanted to wrap everything up before the end of the year. I really liked this idea as there are a few things that I want to get done but have been putting off. Or even things I started that I haven’t finished.

Work has been crazy but that’s no excuse. I’m trying to get back on track after a crazy month and various projects coming together. I really encourage you to review your original goals for the year.

Here are mine that I am returning to/ prioritising.

– Learning Spanish

– Skateboarding more

– More yoga and meditation

– Giving away items from my old apartment (we have two vacuum cleaners!)

– Work on the blog and other projects

You can find the original video here. Credit to Rachelleea.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Working on 2018 goals.

  1. Really enjoyed this link, thanks for sharing it, there are a few things I need to refocus on. Very inspiring, it so easy to loose track of things that are important to you when life takes over.

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