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Frugal, thrifted and free Halloween 2018

This year I am planning a Halloween gathering ahead of time as nothing memorable happened last year. I think we just watched some movies.

However this year is different! I have planned ahead due to being overwhelmed with the beautiful Halloween decor in Japan ( see my post on “popular”).

I bought a few token pieces which amounted to around 80HKD, or 1000 Yen. Mostly these were Candy’s and napkins that can be used up so won’t add to the clutter.

So I made a few cheap purchases although I originally planned to decorate using the candles that I had in the house and a few DIYs from Pinterest. I still plan to do so to get those Adams family vibes. When I was little, my mum always decorated our house for Halloween with amazing decorations and candles. My parents were so creative and it has inspired my love of Halloween.

The actual event will just be a spooky movie night at mine with a few close friends. I will get some snacks and drinks in. A very frugal alternative to the Halloween event in Central, where many of the bars charge a high entry fee.

Although if you go to those, a cheap alternative and a personal favourite is “Club 7/11” and staring at the beautiful costumes.

These are my ideas for a frugal Halloween. Let me know if you have any of your own. Check out my Pinterest for DIY ideas, my handles is My852Life.

Thanks for reading!


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