Vans Go Skateboarding Day 2018.

Get down to Kwun Tong or Tseung Kwan O now! There is a free skateboarding event all day at both skate parks. If you can brave the heat and fear of being judged for your Taobao skateboard then join the fun for a chance to win prizes. There are drinks provided and free gifts such as stickers and board wax. If you’re more talented at Skateboarding than me you can even compete for prizes.

The best thing was seeing parents encouraging their kids with a love of skateboarding. It made me nostalgic for when my mum would drive us to the skatepark with her last “whisper of petrol” as she calls it. Thanks mum!

My brother is the skater on the family and while I was the one who actually taught him to skate he has far surpassed me. I do it for joy, maybe I’ll learn a few tricks in the future (haha) but for now I’m happy cruising.

I believe competitions are on until 6pm so still plenty of time. It is crowded and very hot. Wear sunscreen and stay safe!

Thanks for reading!


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