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Invest in yourself.

I watched a good video yesterday that really struck me. It was a Collab between the financial diet channel on YouTube and Anna Akana. I really enjoy both of these channels, particularly Anna’s because she approaches topics like anxiety and depression which I struggle with. I also struggle with spending money, which is how I came to know about the financial diet channel.

Anyway, Anna was asked if there was any money she ever spent on self improvement that she regretted. She said that no matter how expensive or how much of a waste of time her various development endeavours cost, she didn’t regret any of them. Anna stated that she always gained something from them even if they were a ton of money. She also highlighted something which O struggle with, which is investing in yourself.

After watching, I looked at my budget and I realised I am willing to save and invest in my future but not in my immediate self. Another influencer I admire, Sarah Nourse, posted a video about how you have to stop that “When this happens I’ll be happy” mentality.

I have that. “When I have this amount of money I’ll start spending some”. Or “I’ll get a massage when I’m mortgage free”. Which is ridiculous. I’ll never be a crazy spender. But I’ve woken up to the fact that sometimes I’m losing myself by preparing for my future self. So I’m trying to work on that. Today I went to Benefit for a treatment and bought some healthy kale, because those are two things I was saving for “Someday”.

So go out and invest in yourself.

I really recommend it.

Thanks for reading!

Watch The Financial diet video here:


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