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Secret garden in Hong Kong

Yesterday while walking through Hong Kong, we found a secret garden located in Wan Chai above the star ferry pier. It had lovely flower beds filled with cactii and plants. The views were lovely and we sat and had a drink people watching.

It seems like a nice place for a first date as many couples were sitting and watching the boats. I felt very relaxed to be near the water.


fter this we caught the tram to Causeway Bay for dinner at the Burger Room. Hubby wanted to share it with me as he had been before with friends. Sadly the service was poor, we were served our food at different times and given a tiny table. The server let many people go in front of us and sit outside. However he put us in the middle of the busy and tiny restaurant. Also the veggie burgers are overpriced for what you get.

Despite this it was a lovely day out. We have both been working hard recently and needed a nice adventure. If you have any recommendations for unknown spots in Hong Kong let me know!

Thanks for reading.


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