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5 Books that changed my life.

I enjoy reading as a form of learning and professional development. As a blogger, I think it’s important to keep up date with reading, as the literature on media and blogging becomes richer. If you are thinking of starting a blog, or interesting in creating a business, it’s best to start reading up. The books that helped me the most are listen below.

The Million Dollar Blog

I wrote a post about this book here. Anyone interested in starting a blog, or even just writing in general will find this a really interesting read. The author, Natasha Courtenay Smith is a successful blogger and author in her own right. Her book really encouraged and motivated me to keep posting more content on my blog.

The Four Hour Work Week

This book literally changed my life. I wrote a full review of it here. I learnt so much about efficiency, planning and being productive. Timothy Ferriss describes how he set up and runs multiple business whilst relaxing on a beach or living in South America. He’s a pretty interesting guy too! Well worth a read.

So Good They Can’t Ignore You

This book gave me inspiration to write down all my skills, as mentioned in my previous post. A friend of mine, who is highly successful, suggested I read it. I found it very useful for explaining terms such as “Career Capital” and using case studies to highlight why pursuing your passion is not necessarily the best career advice. Author Cal Newport holds a PHD from MIT.

Think Big: Make It Happen In Business And In Life

A controversial choice, from everyone’s favourite author, Donald Trump. As a sensitive person, this book helped me de-mystify people’s attitudes in business and gave me (surprisingly) a lot of good advice about networking and winning people over at work.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Before you can build an empire or take on the world, you need to get your affairs in order. Whilst grieving, I let a lot of things slide, and needed to release a lot of clutter from old jobs, previous apartments, basically my former life. Author Marie Kondo states that your things should reflect the person you are now. This book was recommended to me by a colleague and helped me get my tiny apartment in order! Read about my decluttering journey, here.


I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I did! Thanks for reading!





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One thought on “5 Books that changed my life.

  1. An interesting and varied selection of reading there, showing that you have a strong interest in business and moving forward. I must check out the decluttering book. I like to think my home reflects who I am at the moment.


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