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Sunday Hygge & Starting YouTube again.

This week my creative juices are flowing. I have been doing a 30 Day Yoga Challenge, and reading a fantastic book.

I’ve become a lot more focused on my Blog, especially as the weather reached 7 degrees this weekend. We have been holed up burning candles and watching movies in front of the heater. It’s too cold to go out said Hubby. Fine by me, I have been getting a lot of writing done. Lot’s of strong tea for us. Very Hyggelig.

I really enjoy watching YouTube videos (mentioned this many times!) I tried before with YouTube and did get a nice little following for a while. However, I was trolled pretty badly which upset me and put me off for a long time. But I suppose we all get bullied and trolled at some point. It happens everywhere and you can’t really avoid it. I think I would handle the whole process of YouTube a bit better now.

I plan to do Hong Kong related videos, document my skateboarding and maybe some cleaning videos. Let’s see how it all works out!

I’m just curious would you like to see me on YouTube?


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