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Getting rid of 100 things

 I did Yoga this week, from a Yoga with Adrienne video about “Making Space”. After a bad night’s sleep I wanted to make space in my head and stretch out my body. Afterwards I also had the desire to make space in a physical sense. 

We both returned home this week probably bringing in about 1000 things into our small apartment. This includes clothes, Christmas presents, toiletries, chocolates, tea, shoes, slippers and a laptop.

 As a result of this and our swift departure from Hong Kong our place was a state. Coming across lots of decluttering videos on YouTube I began a tidying frenzy of getting rid of a hundred things. These included.

10 X clothing items

4 x old IKEA pillowcases

1x IKEA bed spread

1x MacDonalds toy

2 X diarys

3 x books 

1 X pack of stickers

2 X post it packs

1 X old cleaning agent

1 X old and broken heater

1 X pair of tights 

1x ripped and shrunken cardigan

1 X old umbrella

10 X old letters

2 X Christmas cards

1 X tin for keeping tea inside

1 X old towel

5 X reusable bags

5 X Christmas gift bags

1 X keychain and pen set

1 X British postcard

1 X Tupperware box

2 X old tea towels

10 X old documents from travelling

2 X gross ziplock bag

1 x box of old milk

1 X takeaway menu

5 X email subscriptions to useless platforms

1 X plastic wallet

1 X ball of wool

1 X ribbon

1 X old wrapping paper

5 X old tissue paper

6 X old Tupperware boxes

1 X pack of old snacks

4 x old envelopes

2 X loyalty cards

1 X old cable

1 X broken and missing bit of gadget

1 X business card

2 X scraps of paper

1 X universal charger
I’m very nosy and find it interesting to know what people get rid of ! Let me know if you have been motivated to get rid of things that don’t serve me.


3 thoughts on “Getting rid of 100 things

  1. I am now inspired to get rid of some things, these include:
    1 old heater
    1 dressing up wig
    1 bird door stop
    1 tin of old paint
    1 towel rail
    1 bathroom cabinet, unneeded
    1 extension lead
    1 old make up set
    1 water bottle
    still looking for more, you have started something!!!


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