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30 Before 30 Tag

A friend of mine started to make a list of Thirty Things to Do Before Turning Thirty. Also known as 30 Before 30. She inspired me a lot so I decided to make my own list in the summer. I decided to post it, as a reminder of my goals, and also as encouragement. I am happy to say that a few have been ticked off!

  1. Take another college course
  2. Become a lecturer
  3. Learn Spanish 
  4. Visit Denmark
  5. Visit the German Christmas Markets
  6. Start a family
  7. Visit Italy
  8. Visit Scotland
  9. Visit Ireland
  10. Become financially independent
  11. Go Glamping in Thetford forest, with the girls
  12. Visit Lamma Island (I still haven’t been!)
  13. Try surfing again
  14. 10,000 hits on blog
  15. Go hiking
  16. Go Art Jamming
  17. Have Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula
  18. Monetize Blog
  19. Do more charity work
  20. Host Meetup
  21. Take CELTA course
  22. Road Trip across America
  23. Visit New York
  24. Host Family party in UK
  25. Get a house
  26. Get an International Driving License
  27. Go to Australia
  28. See a Dita Von Teese Show
  29. Start Skateboarding
  30. Renew Wedding Vows

I tag you! I would love to know your 30 Before 30! Leave me a comment below or a link if you have your own list! Thanks for reading!


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