Reverse reverse culture shock.

I had a really good 24 hours in Hong Kong. My husband was sweet and had missed me so much he didn’t put the telly on when we were eating dinner. I was excited for work and my colleagues enthusiastically received their souvenirs from Hamburg and England. I walked around in a glory bubble. Then the pushing on the MTR began. Then people coughing in my face on the train. Then people trying to cut me up in the supermarket. Then the lines upon lines for everything from shops to the toilet. Then my hubby’s relative becoming sick and pressure and guilt coming down the grapevine. Then both of us realising we are a bit stuck and bored in our jobs but at this moment are unable to leave. These may sound like first world problems, but if you come back from holiday or overseas, particularly western countries, you may encounter this kind of culture shock. I really appreciate the slower pace of the UK and relaxed attitude of my family and friends. Now it’s back to rush, rush, rush and go, go, go. Of course I can do it. I’m not lazy and I enjoy work. I just understand the difference in myself and I was shocked to realise how quickly I slipped back into the rushed, stressed, angry side of me. So did my husband. Something’s got to change. I love Hong Kong. It’s the place I met my husband, studied and made lifelong friends. However it’s taken more than it’s fair share of my energy.

Sorry for the more negative tone of the post. I think, if you can’t be good, be honest.
Thanks for reading.


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