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2017 Highlights.

I’m in a reflective mood this week. I feel like I’m doing the “best bits” part of Big Brother because I’m thinking about all the wonderful things of 2017. From looking back I’m able to plan more things that bring me joy in the coming year. I can also cut out the things that didn’t. In no particular order here are my 2017 highlights.

  • Skating again after years at the Vans HK event.
  • Having my brother visit and stay with us was lovely and well needed.
  • Going home for Christmas and chilling out to recover from a busy few months.
  • Going to Hamburg and keeping my promise to visit my friend 
  • Visiting Osaka and Nara Park.
  • Giving our first CNY laih si.
  • Visiting Cambridge, Norfolk and Peterborough.
  • Having buffet at the Grand Hyatt with my good friend who came to stay.
  • Lastly and most importantly, tea and catch ups with family and friends.

Seems as though most of my highlights were travel ones, so I’ll be making travel plans soon. I still want to visit Denmark, Scotland and Ireland.
Thanks for reading and let me know your highlights!


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