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Back to Hong Kong.

I’m back home just like the rest of Hong Kong. Seems like everyone arrived back on the same day. Glad to see hubby and give him the yearly supply of chocolate from my mother. He was very happy!  

Said chocolate.

This morning I am extremely jet lagged, waking up at 3.30am and ended up doing chores/ unpacking so as not to disturb my hubby. We are back to work today and I have had my cappuccino so am ready to go! I’m excited for the new year as we have lots of exciting things planned this year as well as some friends coming to visit! It’s always hard to leave my family but I know I will see them again soon! 

I’m off to work with snacks wrapped in reused gift paper to cheer up my colleagues with post-holiday blues! 

Repurposed gift paper.

I hope you’re new year was great and wish all of you the best in your endeavours!
Thanks for reading!


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