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Advice from Oracle and new goals.

This week I was able to meet up with most of my pals who were back home for the holidays. My favourite conversation was with two of my friends in a small tea shop in Colchester. One of the friends also lives in Asia, and visits us occasionally. She was the one who really encouraged me to pursue my blogging. The other friend is one of my school friends and I was touched to learn that she has also begun reading my blog.

I received some advice from them about my blog/ continuing on/ marketing as they are both in that field. They both inspired and encouraged me so much and I’m truly grateful as it is so difficult to find such people. I’m really glad to have them in my life.

From the holidays spent with my family, I have learnt to appreciate doing nothing. In Hong Kong I’m so obsessed with filling my weekend with activities that I get super burnt out. I am so grateful to have had a rest and am literally bringing the cosiness back with my by means of tea/slippers/chocolate. So my goal is to make our little apartment more comfortable and a relaxing area in the new year. My family also helped to reaffirm many of my strong minimalist and socialist views which become somewhat hindered living in the city of Hong Kong.

As the New Year is coming, take time to say thank you to people who made a difference to you this year.

Thank you for reading!


One thought on “Advice from Oracle and new goals.

  1. You an take the cosiness with you anywhere in the world, and you are always who you are wherever you are too. You are lucky to have supportive friends that inspire and encourage xx


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