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Fall Anti-haul 2017.

I recently started watching a really nice channel on Youtube, called “Abundantly Minimal”. It’s run by a lady Sarah, and her husband, who document their minimalism journal, as well as their vegan and frugal lifestyle. You can check them out here.


So Sarah documents “unhauling” items that she no longer needs. She states that it is a response to the many “Haul videos” found on Youtube. I really liked the idea so I took to doing my own “Fall Anti-haul”. I recently documented parts of my Minimalism Journey, so I think I keep on top of things pretty well, but I did have  a mini purge as seen below.



I found some leftover bits from the Macmillan coffee morning I hosted, some old paperwork, books, folders, extra iron tablets and some old eyelash infills which need to be discarded.

I recommend you check out Sarah’s video, and get started on your own “Fall Anti-haul”


Thanks for reading!


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