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Fall bucket list. Fall 2017.

Fall is almost here!

Also known as Autumn to my British readers. I made a summer bucket list a couple of months ago. As Mid autumn festival approaches, I have decided to make a fall bucket list.

All of the ideas are very cheap or free.

Although we don’t get crunchy leaves, sweet smelling cold wind or soft autumn rain, the weather changes. It goes from sticky and sweaty humidity to cooler.

Feel free to copy or comment your own ideas down below.

1) Drink hot chocolate.

2) Watch Practical Magic.

3) Make pumpkin soup.

4) Build a Hygge tent.

5) Host a hotpot party.

6) Go on a nature walk.

7) Visit LKF on Halloween.

8) Buy (or knit) a cosy jumper.

9) Listen to the rain while wrapped up inside.

10) Lots of movie nights with autumn snacks!

11) Visit the park and look at puppies.

12) Wear boots and tights combo.

13) Lots of season 1 Gossip Girl.

14) Eat pumpkin/ apple pie.

15) Make a roast dinner.

I love Autumn. I know that every white girl says that on Instagram or YouTube but I genuinely do!
Thanks for reading!


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