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Things found in a Hong Kong apartment.

So I’ve lived in Hong Kong a while. If you visit someone’s house you may find one or many of these items. Some if not most I have never seen in western homes.

1. Door God

Supposed to keep out unwanted guests. Frightening.

2. Shrine

If visiting a Buddhist family, you may find a shrine inside the home (typically in the living room). Offerings include oranges and apples.

3. Door shrine 

A smaller incense based version of the shrine 

4. Lucky papers

From Chinese New year or other events. This “fai shun” is left up all year round until it gets replaced at Lunar New year.

5. An assortment of Chinese medicine

Yes, I have inherited a large selection of Chinese medicine, including the controversial fish tummy. Apparently it retails for around 1000 HKD.

6. Seed pods by the window

Okay I forgot the actual name but this little trinket will determine the fertility of your male descendants. No pressure!

7. Feng Shui trinkets.

“Wind water” or Feng Shui items may appear such as certain plants or mirrors placed in a certain way. There may also be books about fortunes.

8. Other decorations 

These are usually left over from Chinese New year

This is not an extensive list and also I don’t mind to generalise all Hong Kong apartments. Merely this is what is found in our apartment as well as some others I have visited. I find this kind of thing interesting!

Let me know if I have missed any or if you know any of the history!

Thanks for reading!


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