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The Novalash Hong Kong experience.

So yesterday I went to the Novalash salon here in Hong Kong. I had major gaps on the left side, which may be down to the way my eyelashes grow. Anyway, I needed them sorting out. I went to the salon in central Hong Kong, located in Central. 

I arrived at the salon after work, and was shown to the waiting room. I found snacks, water and tea waiting for me.

They also had comfy sofas, Hong Kong Tatler and a video promoting Novalash. I waited a bit longer than I thought for my appointment, as the website said arrive ten minutes early but actually they kept me waiting for twenty minutes after the appointment time. Although I kept eating snacks.

I went into my treatment room, greeted by a gorgeous reclining chair. There was a soft feather duvet on top and I sat down and wrapped myself in it. My beautician arrived and advised me on the type of lashes etc.  I was having infills. I was quoted a price of 1200 on the phone, although I arrived and was told 1780. I couldn’t see a price list anywhere and got told three different prices. These lashes are definitely high end and aimed at affluent clients. There are Groupon alternatives that are budget friendly.

I was prepped and drifted off, waking up needing to go to the toilet. I quickly dashed too after the appointment. I noticed in the mirror that I had some redness in my left eye. Worryingly this hasn’t gone away today, although I was assured this was normal and given eye drops.

The staff were very professional and polite throughout and didn’t try to sell me a package. Sadly, the pricing seems to be extremely and hoc, as what I was quoted on the phone was five hundred dollars less than what I paid. This was disappointing. I think that there service could be improved if they had clear prices set for everyone. I’m starting to think I fell victim to the Gweilo tax.
Let me know if you have visited the Novalash salon and what you thought. Would I go again? Maybe for a treat. However because of the redness in my eye, the waiting time and fluctuations of price, I will probably go back to the UK for infills.

If you’re in the UK, check out @PMJHOWARD on Instagram.

She has over ten years experience and does a great job, qualified as a beautician and as a lash and makeup artist.

Thanks for reading!
Novalash website:


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