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Scamming creative types.

So recently I was rejected from a publisher because I wasn’t a member of the publishing group and needed to pay for a membership. What?

Seems fishy. Decided to leave it. Potential waste of time/ money and doesn’t improve my writing credentials to buy publishing right?

My brother, an artist, submitted work for a competition advertisement, which was open to all. Turns out after spending hours to complete the application form and description of his work he was asked to pay seventy pounds. By then he was so drained he just paid the money.  His girlfriend was approached on Instagram by a young girl claiming to be part of a cooperative. However you had to pay to join and supposedly you would get more followers for your content / page / Etsy store. 

Is this acceptable? Why should companies try and exploit smallish content creators, artists, illustrators etc for money.
If someone is asking for money, chances are it’s a scam. Just remember, J.K. Rowling never paid to be published.
Thanks for reading.


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