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Hong Kong Airport Hacks.

So I will be travelling in a few days. If you have ever been to Hong Kong Airport, it can be a daunting place. It’s very large and a bit confusing. The best things to know are.

-Do online check in first. This is so important. Cathay Pacific oversell the flights to local travel agents. Also, grandmas will wait for the check in time down to the minute.

-We have had a lot of trouble getting a seat and I have witnessed some people being put on other flights. Even this year, the online system is tricky, if you find you can’t select the seat, make sure you call up.

-Any problems using the online system, use the English hotline as you will be connected faster than the Cantonese hotline.

-There are toilets everywhere, but bring tissues!

-There are water stations where you can fill up your water bottle for free. Hot and Cold water available.

-The airport has free wifi for around an hour. Some of the shops and restaurants have free Wifi too (McDonald’s being one).

-Pretty much everyone who works there can speak English.

-Try to board earlier as Hong Kong tourists love to stuff the overhead compartment with suitcases and souvenirs for relatives. You may end up having to move your stuff elsewhere.

-Keep an eye on valuables, if possible keep them with you at all times. I have had numerous friends tell me their wallet/ bags/ gifts have been stolen on planes to and from Hong Kong.

-Be polite to staff at all times. They will talk if you are being troublesome on the flight, and you may be asked to move.


This is what I have observed. Let me know if you have any extra travel hacks or if you have visited Hong Kong airport.
Thanks for reading!


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