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My new Minimalist Obsession



Simple Life, Happy Wife.

I have found an AMAZING new minimalist Youtube channel. The channel is called “The Messy Minimalist”. She has an amazing house and runs an Inn too! I find it so satisfying as she has SO MUCH STUFF. Self admitted hoarder and “Messy Minimalist” Rachel, takes us through her journey of decluttering her large home, shed and the messiest garage I have ever seen.


My mother is doing some decluttering too, so I sent her some links for inspiration. The channel also inspired me to finally get rid of an old sofa bed that had been lurking in our spare room. Now there is so much space! Hubby helped out so, thanks to him, we have an extra six feet or so of space. I am slowly decluttering as we prepare to move, but when you work it is a slow process.

I always worry that I will have a “What if” situation. However, this channel is great for combating every kind of doubt and regret you may have when minimizing or simplifying the amount of things in your home. Hubby is more on board than he used to be, I moved a lot as a child and right up til now I have lived in more than fifteen homes. However, I understand the attachment we have to things. It is a progress.

Let me know if you have any minimalist struggles.


You can check out the “Messy Minimalist” here on Youtube.

Thanks for reading!




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