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Review: Sense of Touch Facial.

I have probably tried every facial in Hong Kong. I have tried the shady groupon ones where they lock you in a room and try and take your credit card. I have also had a luxe facial at Ingrid Millet. Although, even there they try to politely force you to sign for a package (politely). I live near a spa called Sense of Touch, there are a few around Hong Kong. The spa was offering a refresher facial for 100 HKD. Based on past experiences, I thought it was too good to be true!


With an open mind (and no credit card) I went to my appointment at six thirty. The lounge was beautiful, located in a swish hotel. I was offered tea, and promptly led out to one of the many bungalows which house individual rooms for massages and facials. It was very Bali-esque. My therapist was great, despite having a slight cold, she did a wonderful facial for thirty minutes. I was offered the chance to upgrade to a massage for 400 HKD which I declined. I find Hong Kong Massages a little rough for me.


It was definitely enough for a quick spruce up of the face. If you are a facial wizard though, it may not be as technical as you may like. I will say that the price was right and the environment pleasant. There is a Gweilo Tax as the Spa is located in a hotel, so look out for special offers. However, they do not force you to join the package.


Let me know where you go for a lovely facial in Hong Kong.
Thanks for reading!


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