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Sunday Morning Hygge.

I just got back from a run and am feeling good! The weather is somewhere between a storm and a sunny day so I went out early to avoid being blown away. I have decided to have a cosy day, (finally) lit my Bath & Body works candle from my lovely sister in law, and have a coffee on the go. I am still packing to go home. My original plan of having one small backpack has been upgraded to one large backpack. I don’t have a lot of stuff, but I think Hubby will hide some snacks in their. Cathay Pacific are sometimes a bit lean with their snacks. It can be hit and miss. Sometimes I get a lovely sandwich. Sometimes I get a small packet of nuts. Oh well. I will get a bit of writing done and then on with the packing! How do you spend a cosy day at home? Let me know!


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