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Why make people feel bad?

Part of living abroad and coming home is dealing with people who try to make you feel bad. Even if they are scraping the barrell of things to say they will always find a way.


Usually this is because a person who is doing something interesting or different makes them feel uncomfortable about their own life.

Essentially it’s a reflection on them.

When I went home at Christmas I encountered a lot of “When are you going to come home and settle down?”

I also got a lot of “hate” ? Not really hate. Prejudice about my international marriage. People seem to find it offensive. It really bothers me, especially when I don’t judge people for marrying someone from down the road. No hate.


As a result I’m curious as to when this will stop and whether I shall encounter any when I am back home.

It was fine the first two years of being away. Everyone said how exciting it was. Yet, as I prepare for a successful life abroad it ruffles people.


Let me know if you live over seas and have encountered similar reactions.



Thanks for reading!


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