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Minimalist packing.

I travel a lot, and I am really tired of lugging suitcases and bags of clothes, gifts and clutter across the globe. I am travelling home next week, and have decided to only bring one backpack with me.

After reading the four hour work week, I really liked the advice given by Tim Ferriss. Basically he suggests having all your important documents scanned onto a USB so you don’t need to waste time, or need to get anyone to fax stuff over.

He also suggested taken minimal amount of clothing and stuff, particular toiletries, as it is fun to find this in a new country! I definitely agree with this. When I was coming home from the UK at christmas, I had a backpack full of perfume and liquidy gifts from my family. These promptly went in the bin because of London Heathrow’s safety regulations/

I try not to bring gifts back too. Although I love my family and want to share things with them, they are also making the move to a more minimalist lifestyle, and going through a big declutter. It really helps to have family and friends on board!

Every airline has different policies on what size/ type of bag you can bring on board. I think I will be pretty safe with a small backpack. It will also make my journey across the English countryside a lot easier.

I’ll let you know how I get on with my backpack plans after this weekend.

If you have any advice let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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