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How to be respected in Hong Kong.

People in Hong Kong who dress well get more respect. I am fascinated by this.

I am always treated better when I am more dressed up, or not in my gym clothes.

Why is this?  A lot of it relates to the notion of “face”.

When I got married, I was given a lot of gold, because of “face”.

Is “face” an obligation? It is the idea or image that you present to others.

My upbringing deterred me from impressing or pleasing others. If anything I was brought up to antagonise others (cheers mum & dad).

I was brought up watching The Young Ones & Citizen Smith.

Therefore, I thought that scruffy was cool. Wearing shitty clothes didn’t matter because Withnail did it.

Moreover, I have a great personality.

Sorry, in Hong Kong that won’t fly. Better get out your diamonds and your designer bag.


Look, I don’t want to sound mean. I worship Dita Von Teese and enjoy getting dressed up. I just think that no one should be judged as “better” or “good” because of the way they dress. I’ve dealt with those well dressed people dripping in jewels.
They’re usually swines. Meanwhile, the scruffy guy at the dumpling shop is an absolute babe.


If you live in Hong Kong, or have encountered this kind of nonsensical thinking let me know.
Thanks for reading.


One thought on “How to be respected in Hong Kong.

  1. Interesting that you should bring this up. Our impression is that the same occurs in Singapore, Korea, China and even Taiwan as well. You are what you wear! We experience less of that in Japan, but probably only because they are polite about it (on the outside).

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