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Travelling Solo in Hong Kong.

Being Solo in Hong Kong this week, I find that it is a really safe and convenient place to travel. There are a lot of tourists in town this week due to the Anniversary of the Handover ( July 1st).

I’ve been eating out on my own, despite nervous sales assistants hesitation to serve me. Luckily my Cantonese is good enough to order some dumplings! I’m pretty sure I bought in some business from a woman who saw me scoffing veggie dumplings, and then ordered some too!

Hong Kong has great transportation, you can pretty much get the MTR to anywhere! It is so much cheaper than public transport in England, and faster, cleaner etc, just make sure you don’t eat on the train! When  I travel to and from the airport, it’s just a matter of changing trains.

I’ve never had any safety issues, and feel a lot safer than when I travel on the tube through London. I feel as though most of my friends here are girls, many of them live alone or with a buddy. If I were living in London, I probably wouldn’t live feel comfortable coming home alone in the dark.

Most people in shops, restaurants and at information desks speak English so if you have an emergency or are lost, no worries. Buddies of mine who have lost phones have also reported to the police, who were super helpful.

Food in Hong Kong is so much cheaper than London, especially eating out. You get a decent two or three course meal for under twenty pounds. In London, your only option in that price range would be Wetherspoons (although nothing wrong with spoons!)

Although, there are things that I don’t like about Hong Kong (weather and roaches), it is generally a good place to visit, and eases you in gently to Asian living. It’s very safe, and people will generally help you out if they can.

If you are visiting Hong Kong and want some tips about where to visit, check out my other posts.


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