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Summer Bucket List

I am going back to the UK this month to visit my family. I am super excited, although I have a lot of life admin to do while I am there!

I have a list of stuff I want to do this summer, because I am chasing joy!


So here is my summer bucket list for my trip back to the UK.

  • Have a beach-hut party. (My mum recently bought a beach hut!)
  • Use hair chalk. (Yes I am fifteen years old).
  • Bake a vegan cake with my sister.
  • Drink cider on the beach.
  • Go jogging by the beach.
  • Eat dinner outside.
  • Visit Cambridge to see friends.
  • Visit London to see friends.
  • Get the Megabus to Wales.
  • Declutter the stuff I left in my Mum’s House.
  • Talk about Ram Dass and life with my brother.
  • Go to an art gallery.
  • Visit a cinema or a theatre.
  • Go to Aldeburgh, sit on the beach and have Chip Shop Chips!
  • Catch up with old buddies.
  • Get my nails done.
  • Send my husband a postcard.


I’ll probably do a lot more eating than what is listed here!


Expect lots of photos!


Let me know what’s on your summer bucket list!


Thanks for reading!


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