Getting sick in Hong Kong is unreal.

When you get sick in Hong Kong, it is awful. The humidity and tropical weather intensify your fever or symptoms. This weather is also the ideal breeding ground for germs! Hooray! On the MTR, everyone is packed in tight, meaning that it’s so easy to pick up an illness from anyone.

When you see a doctor you could have anywhere between a five minute to a three hour wait for an appointment. Certain types of doctors love to see a foreigner who they can prescribe lots of “candy” like medicines too. Then you find your insurance was charged an obscene amount of money and you need to return two days later.

I am currently battling a little sickness and have been holed up in bed. I found a good doctor yesterday, my mother in law’s doctor of choice. I still have a fever though. It is not pretty, but I am trying my best to take it easy. I have the aircon on which helps with the fever. Sadly someone decided to begin renovating their flat today so I have the lovely sound of smashing concrete to keep me company.

Good health!


Thanks for reading!



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